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Join the Affiliate Program for Spiritual, Esoteric and New Age Products

Join the Affiliate Program for Spiritual, Esoteric and New Age Products through Amazon

Screenshot of our Spiritual Products for sale on Amazon

Since our products are also listed on Amazon, we opted to not create an affiliate program of our own since Amazon already provides this service.

If you already sell products using Amazons affiliate program, then you are already able to promote our products with ease. Simply select our spiritual products on Amazon using your Amazon Associates generated links and you are good to go. Amazon then performs all the tracking and generates the text or image graphics as desired.

If you are not already using Amazon's affiliate program, simply follow this link to sign up for an Amazon Associates Account.

Once you are all set to promote products on Amazon, simply Go To Our Amazon Store for Deep Healing Light to find a list of our products you can link to and promote.

For the most part, the products listed there are products we manufacture ourselves or are obtained through manufacturers that customize a product to our specifications.

In addition, we have several books for sale that are not under the “Deep Healing Light™” name, but simply under “David Nelmes”. The book titles are:

  • Seeing God, perhaps for the first time
  • Breaking Through When Feeling Stuck
  • 12 Steps to Deep Inner Healing

If you search for those titles directly under the 'Books' category, you should find them rather easily. You could also perform a search using “David A Nelmes”. That search, however, will list all the books by David Nelmes, including several on energy efficiency, which were written by the same David Nelmes, but there is a book about Billy from a whole other David Nelmes. I guess it is a small world after all! All future publishing's will be under the name, David A. Nelmes, to help better distinguish the difference.

Referral Fees

Amazon's referral fees are not always the greatest, but their level of quality traffic more than makes up for it. This means people are very comfortable about making purchases through Amazon, mainly due to a very helpful product rating system.

When you send a person to Amazon, they are more likely to make a purchase at Amazons lower referral fee, as compared to sending a customer to an relatively unknown site that may offer a higher referral fee.

Wholesaling Option

In the event you would like a substantially greater profit from your sales, there is one alternative you can consider if you are able to perform your own shipping, and that is to purchase our products in bulk and sell them as you desire for a much higher return than any affiliate program could offer.

More information can be found here at: Buy New Age Products at Wholesale Prices