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Wholesale Pricing for New Age and Spiritual Products

We offer Wholesale Pricing for many of the products we manufacture ourselves, such as Chakra Healing Cards, and Candles, Engraved Chakra Symbol Stones, and Altar and Meditation kits.

Our new age and spiritual products will look great and sell great in your shoppe and are priced low enough to ensure you can easily profit from their sales.

All products we sell wholesale are created and manufactured by Deep Healing Light®. Every product is professionally packaged to ensure they display well in your shoppe, plus all products include their own bar codes, so inventory is very easy.

All sales at wholesale prices occur through our listings on both FAIRE and here on Healing Touch Shoppe. These platforms are designed specifically to help smaller manufacturers such as us, provide our products to qualified buyers. Shop our products here at our shoppe to see wholesale pricing options, or follow the link below to see what we offer through FAIRE. Namaste.



Deep Healing Light continues to create new products, so please do check back often to see new wholesale product options.