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Chakra Healing Cards shown with meditation man with chakra colred pearls, and shows all chakra cards along with some explanations.
Root Chakra - Chakra Healing Card front view shows stones, hand mudras, charactoristics, affirmations, sound therapy and aromatherapy options.
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Deck of Chakra Healing Cards in its 6x8 inch organza bag
Healing the Core of Your Being (ebook) plus Chakra Healing Cards = Love
Deck of Chakra Healing Cards: Restore and Balance Your Energy with Meditations, Affirmations, Chakras Chart, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Reiki Symbols, Hand Mudras, 4"x6" 2-Sided Cards - FREE E-Book
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You are an Energy Being - Chakra Healing Card with image of chakras for whole body.
This deck now includes an exclusive link to download a free 90 page chakra healing ebook
Chakra Healing Cards - Ultimate Healing Deck - full front card view


Deck of Chakra Healing Cards: Restore and Balance Your Energy with Meditations, Affirmations, Chakras Chart, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Reiki Symbols, Hand Mudras, 4"x6" 2-Sided Cards - FREE E-Book

Deep Healing Light
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Chakra Healing Cards - Ultimate Healing Deck
The Chakra Healing Cards - Ultimate Healing Deck includes a total of (19) 4"x6" cards. (7) cards (1 for each chakra), (6) Deep information cards about Reiki, Grounding, Meditation, Chakra Selection, Your Energy Being, and Spirit Guides, plus (4) quick reference cards about affirmations, hand mudras, and crystal selections, plus (1) 6" x 8" Organza Bag, and then two cards used as the front and rear cover cards.

Chakra Healing Cards are designed to help you create the focus necessary to bring true healing to your spirit, mind, and body and raise the energy level of your space. When your energy flow is repaired or healed, you may feel peaceful, light, and empowered. This may lead you to find answers that have evaded you or may lead to allowing some level of healing to occur in your life.

These cards will teach you how to better focus your energy and thoughts on healing. You start by learning about the chakras' characteristics and how they uniquely influence your body and mind. Then, you review crystal, aromatherapy, hand mudra, sound therapy, and Spirit Guide suggestions.

You continue by immersing yourself in healing-focused affirmations and meditations designed to help you open yourself to allow healing. This is a simple yet powerful way to exercise your capacity to heal your spirit, mind, and body.

  • LEARN HOW TO UNBLOCK AND REPAIR YOUR CHAKRAS - Experience greater happiness and a sense of peace as you restore your energy at key places within your body and energy being. Explore your spirituality and mindfulness through meditation, reiki, and prayer to find the healer within you and discover the answers that have been evading you. YOU are the healer you have been looking for, and these chakra healing cards are a great way to begin the process of making that discovery.
  • INCLUDES CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO RESTORE AND BALANCE YOUR CHAKRAS, such as using the proper essential oil information, crystals and stones meaning cards or crystal cheat sheet meanings, chakra symbols, chakra affirmation healing cards, reiki symbols, reiki clearing exercise, chakra charts, chakra meditation cards, crystal meaning charts, chakra stones, chakra cheat sheet cards, and more.
  • HAVE YOU BEEN ASKING FOR GUIDANCE ON HOW TO RESOLVE YOUR DEEPEST PROBLEMS? Chakra Healing Cards provide guidance on how to better focus your energy and thoughts, and that helps open your being for the healing you are searching for.
  • YOU CAN START TO BALANCE YOUR CHAKRAS AND ENERGY BODY TODAY! You can return to a place of peace, happiness, abundance, and joy, improved relationships, better jobs, and a higher awareness of your life purpose.
  • CREATED BY AUTHOR, REIKI MASTER, AND PERSONAL GROWTH COACH, DAVID NELMES - If you are truly looking to improve your life, expand your spirituality, and do the deep work necessary for real transformation, you could not have made a better choice than to use the products and services provided by David. His work will genuinely help you find the clarity and direction you need so that you uncover the answers you have been searching for.
Healing the Core of Your Being - How to Restore Your Energy low with Chakra Healing Cards
  • INCLUDES A SPECIAL LINK FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD - Follow the link on the back of the cover card to register to receive a FREE 90+ page copy of our e-book version of "Healing the Core of Your Being: How to Restore Your Energy Flow with Chakra Healing Cards." This book starts with "Using Your Cards," which provides deeper insights into how to get the most from the use of your cards. This is followed by other chapters such as "Chakras 101" and "Embracing Your Chakras". This e-book truly helps you get the most from using your cards. A softcover version is also available on Amazon
  • YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR FRUSTRATION, STRESS, AND FEARS into something much lighter, freer, and clearer. This will lead to better choices and help you manifest a brighter future.
  • CHAKRA HEALING CARDS ARE INFUSED WITH SPIRITUAL SUPPORT to aid in your awakening. They are designed to help expand spiritual awareness and promote spirit-assisted healing for any person who embraces the provided information and meditations.

These 17 high-quality Chakra Healing Cards focus on expanding spiritual awareness and promoting spirit-assisted healing for anyone who embraces the provided information and meditations. The cards were written through inspiration and assembled with direct infusion of spirit, providing a potential pathway to clear and enhance a person’s chakra energy.

These chakra cards help you quickly identify and focus on the spiritual or metaphysical source of your issues so that you can truly experience deep healing and guidance that makes a difference in how you feel and what you can accomplish. These are more than simple chakra cheat sheets since they were designed to help you experience results with your spiritual growth.

You start by learning about the chakra's characteristics and how they each uniquely influence your body and mind. This is followed by hand mudra options that help you better immerse yourself in meditation. Next, you can review multiple crystals, aromatherapy, sound therapy, and Spirit Guide suggestions. You finish by using all these tools together with the provided affirmations and meditations that are specifically designed to help you open yourself to allow healing.

They are an absolute must for any meditation space since they are a quick and helpful reference when working on any chakra.

Multiple Applications:

  • The perfect handout after a Reiki Session
  • A quick reference to keep where you meditate
  • A thoughtful gift for those who are working on themselves
  • A teaching reference during a session or Reiki class
  • Perfect altar accessory

Author and Reiki Master David Nelmes created Chakra Healing Kits to help his clients experience further healing between their Reiki sessions. The kits were developed to help create a true healing environment that is empowered by focus and intention. To increase their healing potential, David works with a powerful spiritual team of Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Chohans of the Rays to infuse each product with their Spirit. This means you will have the energy of this entire spiritual team with you as our products gently guide you through a healing process that is blessed by Source. Simply put, these kits assist each person in creating the focus necessary to allow themselves to receive what is already their Divine right.

The Chakra Healing Cards in this Chakra Healing Kit help provide a focused path to open yourself for healing. The suggested Chakra-related influences, meditations, and affirmations are keys that can open your spirit and mind for guidance and healing.

The chakra cards provide information on which crystals or gemstones to place on the chosen chakra area to help focus healing energy there. They also list chakra-related essential oils that you can breathe in to further increase the focus of your healing energy. Detailed instructions on the flip side of the card explain each step and walk you through the process of the suggested meditations and affirmations as well.

Whether you work with a Reiki Practitioner or not, it is always helpful to work on your chakras from time to time. You can begin this habit by simply becoming more aware of issues you are having with your body and then researching to see what chakras are involved.

To streamline this process for you, we designed several different types of Chakra Healing products. We know that everybody has the innate capacity to heal, and our products help you create the focus to experience your healing potential.

One benefit of using our Chakra Healing products is that we make it easier for you to obtain the right tools, resources, and information that will help you create and hold a place of focus. Once that happens, it is likely that you will open yourself to guidance and allow healing to occur, leading to improved spiritual, mental, and physical health.

For example, our Chakra Cards are very portable and are easy for anyone to use. The information provided with the cards can act as keys that open your spirit and mind for healing.

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