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Breaking Through When Feeling Stuck - peel back, expose and resolve your issues - Softcover Version
Breaking Through When Feeling Stuck - peel back, expose and resolve your issues - Softcover Version
Breaking Through When Feeling Stuck - peel back, expose and resolve your issues - Softcover Version


Breaking Through When Feeling Stuck - peel back, expose and resolve your issues - Softcover Version

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Break through whatever has you feeling stuck. Regardless of the depth of your spiritual blocks, the "Breaking Through" process provided in this book is a real solution that will provide a path for your healing and help prevent it from happening again.

Breaking Through When Feeling Stuck

When you find yourself stuck in a situation where you feel as though the same unhelpful cycles keep repeating; and you can’t seem to put your finger on what is wrong or how to even start to get unstuck… you need a real solution to break through and help prevent it from happening again. You need a real solution from somebody who went through the same thing and truly did find a way to break through.

Who will be helped the most by this book? If you have been feeling stuck in any aspect of your life, like with your job, finances, weight, stress, troubled relationships or your spirituality overall, you can transform your life by following the "Breaking Through" process that teaches you how to peel back, expose and resolve your issues once and for all.

Even if you are not feeling stuck but just have a few spiritual blocks you would like to clear away, the "Breaking Through" process will help you take care of them as well.

If you have ever found yourself asking, "Why am I stuck? How do I get unstuck? What do I have to do to stop feeling stuck?", this book helps you find your answers by teaching you how to get to the root of your problems so that you can truly fix them and prevent them from coming back again.

The author, David Nelmes, found himself experiencing a perpetual issue where certain problems never seemed to resolve themselves. After years of trying many different spiritual approaches, he came to a point where he concluded that he had to create his own pathway for resolving this ongoing issue of feeling stuck, feeling drained, and being unable to truly function in this world.

As he developed a process to resolve his problem, he saw that this was something that could be shared, and so he documented the steps he took and then later assembled it into this easy to follow guideline.

To make it easy to record your experiences and track your progress, appendices were developed that provide a place at the rear of the book to perform the exercises outlined in this book. For those of you who do not want to write in the book, are performing this in a workshop or perhaps are reading an electronic version of this book, the same information is also available in an 8 ½ x 11 format as a free e-book download that you can print and as a low cost booklet on Amazon. This is highly recommended since you will have larger pages to work with and you can also more easily place them in view as reminders for following through with your exercises. 

One of the best things about this book is that it was developed by somebody who actually had this problem himself, so the process he developed wasn't performed through guessing what might work for you, but by what he tried and tested on himself until he found what did work. That's powerful stuff.

Unlike other products that just want to make you feel good about yourself with just a lot of positive affirmations, the "Breaking Through" process helps you undo the source of the problem where many other processes just make forget about them for a while, but then they rise again.

This book includes five appendices and a companion workbook download because there is real work in resolving the true issues at the heart of being stuck. Ask yourself, "Am I willing to be vigilant for a few days or weeks and open my heart to be honest with myself? Am I willing to look deep inside and do the work that will get rid of my issues related to being stuck and liberate myself from it forever?"

Just say "Yes!"